June 2011
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Where’s my monkey?

Ok , its not a monkey its an Ape… But I just love the word “Monkey”.

Its time for everybody to adopt an ORANGUTAN because these beautiful forests in Borneo are still being reduced to ashes at a rate of knots and as its the last strong-hold for these amazing creatures we all have to chip in somehow.

Some people think that these apes just sit around picking their mates’ butts all day. But , I don’t care what you have heard or seen in a zoo, it’s not true – that’s chimps. Although that was the main reason to visit the zoo as a kid (those chimps were filthy and they knew it ).

Orangutans are the only mammal on earth that have more double chins than me and  are just as cheeky. My adopted ape is named Sen – and is now 4 years old . My baby is all grown up but his still having teeny tantrums. When we were filming at the Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre,  there was one ape that would stare right into the camera with a big grin on his face, pick his nose, wipe it on the lens and then run away laughing. I’m not accusing anyone but don’t turn you back on them for a second when your very expensive film equipment is lying around on the floor. The best was when a worker was trying to put a baby ape back in the holding pen, there were about 8 other apes there, all seemingly not interested in anything, but as soon as the worker looked away, the orangutans had got the lock off and were gone in the blink of an eye. It was like watching the SAS on army manoeuvres, but quicker and frighteningly more organised. It took us half hour to get them all back in the pen.

Sepilok is a fantastic centre which saves so many orangutans from certain death – that’s why their work is so important in this day and age – and will hopefully help stop the near extinction of these beautiful creatures. Amazingly, an orangutan’s  DNA is only 3% different from us humans, I think that’s why they accidentally locked me away in a cage with them for 2 months before anyone realised it was me. But at least it gave me time to really bond with these animals, some say maybe  a bit too much…

For more info, new adoptions and donations contact:

Orangutan Appeal UK
11 Forest Hall
New Forest, SO42 7QQ (UK)
T: +44 (0) 1590 623443

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